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1. Where can I purchase steelite Products?
You can purchase our products from any one of our registered dealers across the world. Please access our Dealer Locator to find a store nearest you.

2. Can I purchase directly from STEELITE Only?
Steelite is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of steel office furniture, the minimum quantity is caculated on container only..

3. How can I get a catalog of STEELITE products?
Since we do not sell direct to the end consumer, catalogs are only provided to our authorized dealers. To view our collections, please visit a dealer near you or browse our website

4. How do I find out prices for the products that I am interested in?
To find out prices you should directly contact your local authorized dealer dealing steelite Only products.

5. How can I order repair parts for a piece of STELLITE Only Furniture that I own?
When you purchase STEELITE Only furniture from a dealer, your warranty is with the dealer, not with us as the manufacturer. The dealer will service your piece of furniture and order the repair parts that you need. You must contact the dealer where you purchased the item or use the "Dealer Locator" feature to find the store nearest you.

6. Do you sell internationally?
Of course, our main business is export-oriented, and we have wide thus reliable relationship with many shiping company, so we can offer our products and services on a globle basis.

7. can I customize the furniture you offer?
Our designers would love to create a custom design just for you. Whether you are creating a modular unit made from our storage center or designing a floorplan for an entire room full of furniture, we are always ready to show you our best design to meet your specific requirement. Our design assistances are complimentary, with no obligation to buy, so that they can help you make the best purchasing decision.

8. is there any difference in price between the products you offer and the ones customized
There is never a fee for our design services, nor are you obligated to buy the designs we create for you. If you're buying from steelite, you only pay for the components used in the final unit. If you're buying any other product we sell, you just pay for the products you want.

9.How to use Product Search
The product search box lets you enter a keyword, product number, or manufacturer name. A list is then displayed on your screen of products that are related to any of the keywords or numbers you've entered. The search option feature lets you customize your search criteria.

10.Can you send me a sample?
We are happy to provide samples for many of our products. Please contact us at 86-379-62267276 to check availability.

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