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Communicating concept

Continuous cooperation is a key concept for the new generation. As an organisation, you have to be able to facilitate that. In terms of the working environment, that means converting activity-based worksites, with their separate lounges and areas for concentrated work, discussion and meetings, into “community areas” focusing on certain projects, themes or customers. After all, the main idea behind of networking is that you build up constantly changing cooperative constellations and that you share information. The office of the future will comprise a large number of small working environments, each one provided with all necessary facilities. But this does not mean activity- based worksites should disappear completely; however they will play a less important role in the future. Generation Y has been trained in multitasking; these young people do everything at once: E-mailing and phoning, reading an E-mail and consulting with a colleague etc., and they can perform all these activities at one and the same worksite. To put it very simply, Generation Y is not bothered about what office concept is used as long as they can do their thing without losing contact with their community. The main thing the office environment and office furniture has to offer the Internet generation is a feeling of autonomy. ‘It’s the little things that matter. They want to be able to regulate the temperature and the ventilation themselves, for example, to adjust their own chair or move their table next to their neighbour’s for a discussion. The mobility of furniture, and a more intuitive user interface, is becoming increasingly important. Autonomy in such little things as furniture adjustment gives you the feeling that your employer takes you seriously.

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