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Mix of home and work environments

The trend for today and tomorrow: people always want to feel at home .

At home, at work or on the move... people always want to feel at home, no matter where they are.The traditional separation between home and the workplace has disappeared. And the process of commuting between the two is also up for revolution.

Living in a building where people used to work is just one of the ways in which the boundary between home and work is blurring. The increase in working from home is also a well-known phenomenon. You convert one of your rooms at home into an office, with a desk, an office chair, some manuals and professional literature and fast means of communication to keep in touch with the organisation, access the necessary information etc. It will not be long before employers will be making some kind of contribution – financial, or in some other form – to the furnishing and equipment of your home office. You can work just as well at home as at the office – sometimes better. And you have more freedom in the allotment of your time: you can do household tasks during normal working hours if you need to, or vice versa.

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