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Innovative concept

The furnishing of the worksite is another area where we see evidence of the fusion of home and work environments. There is a noticeable trend towards ‘innovative working environments’ based on the idea that the division of space, the design of the furniture and the choice of colours can boost job satisfaction and employee performance.

The office is furnished and arranged in a way that suits the people who work there. And the various aspects of their activities are facilitated by the different micro-environments within the office. There are not yet any ready-made office concepts e.g. for stimulating creativity, but people are enabled to find the best environment for the work currently on hand. There must be room in the office for concentrated work away from the noise of conversation and other distractions, intensive consultation in small rooms, conferences in big ones, slumping on a sofa or sitting upright at your desk. The realization of the need for this is one reflection of the current awareness of the value of human capital.

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