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Warehousing goods needs special rack instrument. Steelite offer a wide range of rack series from heaviy-duty rack, medium-duty rack to light-duty rack. Whatever your requirements may be, steelite can always meet your demands. Our strong design team are ready to offer the best solutions for your specific racking demands.
Retail Display
With the boost of retail business worldwide, specific rack requirements are also increasing. From large display racking system for supermarket use to individual small racking facilities for store use, steelite offer a whole range of racks for different uses, sturdy structure, fully visible, neccesary reasonable design assure you the most suitable racking system for display use.
Mobile Shelves
In todays digital age we are producing more and more paper records but why do we keep them? This could be for several reasons, legal, procedural, or just personal preference. And at todays office space rental costs for you need a way of storing them efficiently and at the smallest footprint possible to save you money.
Workspace have to be designed to facilitate daily deskwork in an effective and efficient way, especially in this high-tech era, computers are mostly needed to facilitate data-processing, so desks should be highly attachable to equip a computer, this is why sometimes we call office work- the network. But this is not enough, desks at the same time have to enhance personal development. Steelite view this trend as its guidance in desking development.
Office Storage System
As a flexible and dynamic filing solution, Steelitet office storage system is a good option. This system can provide you with smart, versatile and durable storage solutions, ranging from sophisticated drawerfiling cabinets to various storage cupboards, from communal storage shelving to versatile lockers, focus on optimising user requirements,
Steelite offers the solution for a manager who needs to be flexible in his working environment, and wants his personal furnished work place. He wants to have the freedom to meet a various number of people and use the space for inspired management. It completes the architectonic interior design.
Library Storage
Libraries and repositories should be accessible at all times. Information in books and other media must be retrieved and organised in a fast and efficient manner. Our library solutions create an easily accessible, conveniently laid out, and well-organised storage space.
Compactus Shelving
Optimum use of space and optimum climatic conditions are the most important requirements to preserve valuable collections and deal with retrieval requests in a fast and efficient manner.Steelite offers high-quality static and mobile library racks. Static library shelves are ideal for media that are frequently retrieved. These shelves are available in different sizes, so that they can be tailored to the stored media.
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